Giant List of Budget Decks! - Game 2

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Giant List of Budget Decks! - Game 2

Post by Joshuareid36 on Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:41 pm

*Each of these decks can be made in whole for $100US or less
*Some decks may have more expensive cards just by how the secondary market works
* The deck lists aren't meant to be the best out there, they are meant to be a guide line for people new to the deck who want to get a feel for it

Lastly and most importantly, these decks may not be "Tier 1", but by god they are all fun to play and light on the wallet.

BATTERYMAN: Remember when Batterymen first came out how underwhelming they were? Then remember the hype when they got ONE more card that made the deck ridiculous? I'm pretty sure there wasn't a single YGO player out there that wasn't excited to try out Batterymen with their full potential. The aim of the deck is to OTK with massive amounts of special summoning and searching through Batteryman 9V and Batteryman Charger. They also make great use of The Monarchs Stormforth to not only clear the field for the OTK but to also gain huge advantage from Charger. They may have fallen off the radar a little in recent releases but they are still a force to be reckoned with.

As Thunder Sea Horse is now dirt cheap, your money cards here are all in the Extra Deck. Grab the best Rank 4/5/6 monsters you can and go from there.

BUJIN Time to strap on that helmet and play us some Bujin! The aim of the game here is to get to Bujin Yamato ASAP and protect it for dear life while you accumulate resources to keep protecting Yamato. It sounds like a slow annoying deck but with the addition of Bujin Hirume and Bujincarnation, you can make some very explosive and swarming plays that are even harder to get around thanks to the protection effects of Bujingi Turtle and Hare. Bujin are also the undisputed King of the Damage Step, being able to use both Honest and their archetype specific Honest-esque card Bujingi Crane, don't even bother trying to run these little guys over. Also if you haven't noticed already, all the Main Deck Bujin Beast-Warrior monsters are based on a different YuGiOh GX character. As if you didn't have enough reasons to love this deck already!

As Bujin has fallen off the map in recent releases and because most of the Bujin's have been reprinted, most of this deck can be bought for dirt cheap. Get yourself the good Rank 4 monsters and you'll be good to go.

CLOWNBLADE: Oh how the mighty have fallen. Once one of the most feared decks in OCG land has now been reduced to a fleeting memory of Cyber Dragon Infinity spamming. Main objective of Clownblade is to loop your Heroic Challenger - Thousand Blades and Performage Trick Clown to create an unending stream of Rank 4 summons and frustrated sounds from your opponent as you summon Castel after Castel in their faces.

Your money cards here will all be in the Extra Deck, as most of the Main Deck cards have either been reprinted or were released as Rare or lower rarity.

D/D/D Demonic businessmen?? What's not to love?! Probably some of the most awesome artwork to come out of recent sets, this decks focus is to spam the field with every kind of Extra Deck monster you can have. Also, once per turn Reinforcement of the Army for your Monsters and once per turn Fusion summons with the option to banish from your grave is nothing to scoff at. Also, they have an XYZ Monster that is a quick effect Heavy Storm....not even kidding.

Your Main Deck wallet burners here will be Transmodify. Extra Deck wise if you can get your hands on Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand and Number 11: Big Eye, they are absolutely worth your money here.

DESKBOT: Who needs more than 500ATK anyway? These little guys may be small, but when they team up on you, you're probably going to die a horrible death to some stationary. The main focus of Deskbot's is to summon ALL the Monsters and beat some face with your ATK boosting effects. Deskbot's also have great Synchro and Pendulum plays, making them unpredictable to play against.

Your money cards here are again, all Extra Deck. If you managed to pull the illusive Cyber Dragon Infinity, absolutely use it here. If you're like the rest of us however and didn't get one, put most of your money into Naturia Beast/Barkion and Trishula and you should be fine.

DINOMIST: Dinosaurs are awesome enough, now give them some heavy artillery and HOLY JESUS WHAT IS THIS?Dinomist are a Pendulum archetype that focus's on beating face while protecting itself very efficiently with the Pendulum Monster's effects. They can also be played along side the Shark monsters from way back when for a more heavy XYZ summon focus. They are also very good at summoning Cyber Dragon Infinity, but this is the Giant List of BUDGET no more dwelling on what could have been.

Your money cards here are Extra Deck focused. You will want to grab Volcasaurus and Zenmaioh for sure. Any other good Rank 4/5 will mae the deck more than playable.

FLUFFAL: toys turned evil....that's probably the best way to describe this deck. A hugely Fusion centric deck that allows for massive field clearing and OTK plays while giving both players the confused feeling of whether or not to say "Naww" or "DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT THING??" This deck can be a little tough to play so I recommend practising a lot before taking it out for a duel.

Your money cards here are in the Extra Deck with the exception of Fusion Reserve, which can get a little pricey depending on where you get it from.

GRAYDLE: Anyone who has played in formats where Brain Control, Change of Heart or Snatch Steal was legal will know the kind of pain you feel when your Monsters get taken from you to be used against you. Well guess what? This deck is full of cards just like that! The focus of Graydle's is to steal your opponents monsters and use them for your own nefarious plans like Synchro and XYZ summons, or just slapping your opponent around a little with them.

Your money cards here are in the Extra Deck. Get as many good Lv8 Synchros as you can, then add some Rank 3/4 Monsters for good measure.

IGKNIGHT: Knights with guns for swords...I don't think I've squeed at a deck concept as much as I did this one. If you want to play a Pendulum deck that takes the concept of loading your Extra Deck, injects it with enough steroids to kill an elephant and just goes with the resulting chaos, this is the deck for you! The main plays with Igknights are XYZ summons, but since they are all Normal Monsters you also have the added bonus of being able to use Tyrant's Throes. If you haven't had the pleasure to auto lose to this card, I suggest you go do that right now.

Your money cards here are less important than managing to get your hands on your playset of Tyrant's Throes. Serious. This card is hard as hell to find when you want it. Other than this, get Heroic Champion - Rhongmyniad. Just do it.

INFERNOID: DECKLIST TO COME SOON - These bad boys are the REAL reason why Reasoning came back (forget Kozmo). If you ever loved any kind of Lightsworn deck you will love Infernoids. The aim of the game is to send your entire deck to the grave through milling with Lightsworn monsters, mainly Raiden, and Reasoning then summon ALL the boss monsters. There is a certain level of skill required though, as you can only summon an Infernoid monster when your Effect Monsters levels are 8 or lower. The way around this? Vanilla Extra Deck monsters! Yes, that Scrap Archfiend you have left lying at the bottom of your pile of useless cards is now not so useless!

The main money cards here are Infernoid Devyaty, which you probably want at least 1-2 of, and Dante for the milling. If you were really lucky and pulled a PSY-Framelord Omega, absolutely use it here too.

When I first heard we were getting an archetype based on movie monsters, I may have vomited all over the nearest Godzilla action figure I was so excited. If you're familiar with Lava Golem and Volcanic Queen then you know exactly what to do: sacrifice your opponents monsters to the Gods of Movie Monsters and force them to watch your monsters do epic battle. You can also group these guys with Graydle's or Yosenju for some extra fun times.

You can build this deck on the change that fell down the back of the couch. The only slightly pricey card you really need is Interupted Kaiju Dream, and it's absolutely worth it.

MELODIOUS: Think these opera girls are weak? Think again. This girls will kick your butt and stick around with the power of that gum you just can't scrape off the bottom your shoe. The focus of the deck is to special summon your Melodious monster to get various protection effects or ATK/DEF buffs. They can also use powerful Fusion monsters than can attack over or destroy basically anything making them a pain to deal with if you don't act fast.

Your main money card here is Transmodify, being the best way to get through your deck to special summon the Melodious monsters. Aside from the Fusion monsters, grab some good Rank 4's and you're good to go.

PREDICTION PRINCESS SHADDOLL: I was going to go with straight up Prediction Princess, but this is way more fun. Rather than the old version of Shaddoll's that focused on summoning Construct, this version focus's on Shekhinaga instead. For those who have no idea what Prediction Princess's do, they all focus around Flip Effects making them a great pairing with Shaddolls and possibly the dumbest Flip Effect monster in the game, Pot of the Forbidden.

The money cards here are your Shaddoll Fusion cards, mainly Winda.

RITUAL BEAST: Ritual Beast is the love child of Gladiator Beast's drunken one night stand with the Infernity's, this decks focus is on doing a lot of searching for cards that make your opponents day a living hell. And Fusion summons. Lots and lots of Fusion summons. Ritual Beasts can Tag Fusion like Gladiator Beasts, but instead of returning to the deck they banish themselves instead. Ritual Beasts may have been hit by the F/L list recently, but don't let that fool you into thinking they're not a deck to contend with.

This deck pushes the budget to its limit with one card: Emergency Teleport. It's absolutely worth buying if you plan to play any Psychic deck and Ritual Beast is no exception.

SPEEDROID: DECKLIST TO COME SOON- If you watch the YuGiOh anime you know exactly what this deck can do. If not, they Synchro. A lot. Like a stupid amount. Their main limitation is that some cards require you only summon Wind Attribute monsters for the turn, but the Wind Synchro and XYZ monsters you have access are so good you won't worry about it. They have their own version of Stratos too which is nothing to scoff at.

After buying the main deck monsters, put the rest of your budget into getting Clear Wind Synchro Dragon and Stardust Dragon. Other Extra Deck cards to look out for are Lightning Chidori and Totem Bird.

SUPERHEAVY SAMURAI: DECKLIST TO COME SOON- They did the mash, they did the monster mash....Superheavy Samurai are a monster mash deck that focus's on the idea that the best offence is a good defence. The main Superheavy Samurai monster can let you attack while in defence position, using their big booty's as a weapon. They recently got Pendulum monsters which should help the deck along nicely.

This is one deck where the main cards can be bought with pocket change. Any spare in the budget should be used on the Extra Deck, as always.

YOSENJU: If you liked playing Spirits back in the day you'll love Yosenju, with the added bonus of multiple normal summons in a turn. The main focus is to load the field with Yosenju monsters on your turn and protect yourself with Traps on your opponents turn. Yosenju also have their own version of Solemn Judgement and Kalut, which helps make winning much easier.

You can spend most of your budget here on getting the best Traps you can, then get the generic Rank 4's. Lightning Chidori and Gagaga Cowboy are absolutely necessary here.

ZEFRA: DECK LIST TO COME SOON- Zefra is seen by many as a failed attempt at bringing multiple archetypes together to form one super archetype, but they work so well with Yang Zing cards it's hard not to love them. They can also make use of all the good generic Pendulum support cards like Archfiend Eccentrick and Wavering Eyes. The main focus is to summon pains in the butt like Void Ogre Dragon and back it up with Zefra Divine Strike to make sure your opponent can do absolutely nothing.

Zefra pushes the budget to its limit in both the Main and Extra Deck, but if you can focus on the essentials like the Yang Zing Synchros and Void Ogre Dragon you can work with the deck from there.

There's more than likely going to be some decks that I've missed, so let me know if you think I should add something else.


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