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Fanfic Rules

Post by Joshuareid36 on Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:25 pm

1, Stories must be a reasonable length. One page is the absolute minimum - anything shorter than this will get locked as Spam.

2, You can post a new chapter in a separate thread if you wish, but it isn't mandatory.

3, Join a site such as . Membership is free and you can post stories with anything up to an R rating, providing they aren't lists, MSTs, about real people, using the Review system as a messageboard and so on. If you write original fiction, join - they're an offshoot of, so most of the rules are pretty similar.

4, Even though this is called a fanfic forum, original fiction is allowed.

5, No plagiarism. Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else's plot, characters etc and pretending that you thought of them. Basic themes are open to everyone, but you must interpret them in your own way.

6, No topics asking people to create characters for your fic. You must invent all original characters yourself.

7, There is a difference between constructive criticism and a flame. If you genuinely feel a story needs improving, say why it needs improving. But don't just go round telling people their fics "stink", "suck", "are stupid" and so on - being rude about other people's work is not going to win you many friends. For the same reason, don't give someone a bad review just to get back at him or her for criticising your work.

8, Bad language must be kept to a minimum. Only mild swear words such as "damn" or "hell" are permitted and even those should be used sparingly. Excessive swearing is not big and nor is it clever.

9, Violence is allowed provided it isn't too graphic - while it is acceptable to kill off a character by violent means, you should avoid going into too much detail. Also, if there are violent scenes in a chapter, include a note warning people of this.

Much the same principle applies to romantic scenes - sex should be implied, not shown in all its glory.

10, It is strongly recommended that you do each of the following:

A, Read Advice for Aspiring Authors
B, Avoid cliched plots such as "kid who goes on a (bog standard) Pokemon journey"
C, Write in prose instead of script
D, Make sure your spelling, punctuation and grammar are of a reasonable standard.


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